Diagnostic Codes as Troubleshooting Aids

A few weeks ago I was attending an automatic transmission service seminar in Atlanta. One of the many topics of discussion was Diagnostic Trouble Codes (or Service Codes). With today’s advanced technology it seems that there are diagnostic trouble codes for everything, especially pertaining to automatic transmissions. However, in this months Smart Blend Synthetics Tech Tip we are going to shift gears form transmission related problems to the subject of Fuel System Diagnostic Codes.

Flush Chemicals What is the Difference?

Exactly what is the difference between Transmission Flush Chemicals and will transmission flush products harm or cause damage to a transmission?

This is the most frequently asked question by Fast Lube Operators and Service Tech’s.
Answer: There are basically two different types of Transmission Flush Chemicals available. Solvent Based and Synthetic Oil Based, and depending on which one you choose to use they can or can not cause harm to a transmission.

To Change Or Not To Change, The Transmission Filter

In time all things change, and the Fast Lube Industry is no stranger to change. One of the major changes in the industry is the way that we perform Automatic Transmission Fluid services. Once upon a time when providing an ATF service we routinely removed transmission pans, provided visual inspections and replaced transmission filters prior to installing new ATF.


Seal Conditioners/Stop Leaks In Transmission Additives

I recently received an E-mail from a Fast Lube Operator that proposed a question about Seal Conditioners/Stop leaks in transmission additives. The operator simply ask “Are products that contain Seal Conditioners/Stop Leaks good or bad for automatic transmissions”?

A Simple Solution

Often there are relatively simple solutions to repair what may appear to be BIG PROBLEMS. For example, the automatic transmission Shift Strategy found in Ford F-150 Trucks, containing the 4R100 automatic transmission. If you or your customer has disconnected the vehicles battery recently, you may here drivability complaints about the vehicles transmission performance. Don’t worry, this is usually a self correcting problem, and not the result of your transmission fluid service or exchange.


Power Steering Flush Service

Power Steering Flush Services On The Rise: In recent years Fast Lube operators have identified that by providing a power steering flush service it will increase the bottom line and is relatively simple to perform. Recent surveys show that at least 50% of Fast Lubes surveyed currently offer power steering flush service, with an average service price of $43.89.


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